The Art of Leadership

Leadership is the Art of making a difference on oneself or the people we serve to create an impact or transformation. It is sad to see how many people leave their life consumed by fear and monotony instead of changing their own fate and make the best of their situation. The situation is never the problem, in a sense that no matter how difficult it is or how down in the bottom you are, not matter how many mistakes you make or the times you fail as long as you are persistent on keep going you will arrive to your destination. Life can be very surprising, and it might take you to a whole different path that is far from fair, or a path that you were not ready for; however, each one of those situations can make you stronger and it can help you to understand new things about the world and connect with more people that are struggling and will only listen to you because you were in their shoes. In many occasions I find myself in a job or idea that I thought at first was going to take me where I wanted to go; only to realize I would fail but by failing I was really winning on acquiring the knowledge and taking on new roads; there are not straight paths in life, you ought to do your best where you are at right now because you are there to learn a lesson that will help you to advance to your next challenge.

There is one undeniable truth about Leadership and is that it has the power to Influence; to lead yourself you will need to be an active influencer on the choices you make and to lead another you will also need to influence them by providing the support and tools their need to advance your team as a whole. There are three important Keys in Leadership that I will be sharing with you today:

  • Vision: There are a lot of people with Dreams but only the ones who are able to have a clear vision of the importance of that dream and the reason why it needs to be done are able to create a clear strategy to reach them. Focus on what you want to obtain, gather the preparation you need and be discipline on tracking your progress. The clearer you make your Vision the easy will be for other to understand it and follow you. Transformation doesn’t occur from night to morning, it take a series of consecutive actions in which each step takes you closer to a well-defined goal.
  • Communication: All business types are built in lines of communication. We communicate with the people who support us and the people who are collaborators in our work or use a talent with the end to communicate a message. When your Vision is not delivered in the right way it becomes useless. There are many businesses who had a vision statement; however the way they treat their customer, the quality of their products and services, the culture of their employees decline faster than the business rises. There are also many artist who have a great audience and are loved by so many; however, they act reckless to the point that the message they wanted to communicate gets lost into the regular entertainment standard drama of drug abuse, and shame. There is nothing wrong with being human and making mistakes, it is part of the process to deal with issues and as long as you paid attention to your bridges you can build a powerful team and a meaningful career by listening to your advisors, the people close to you and those who you are trying to influence to make sure you stay relevant.
  • Integrity: We all love shortcuts and there is no damage on working smart and finding more efficient ways to get where you want to be as long as you don’t build your enterprises on sand. Lack of Integrity will always get back to you, is one of the things you can’t outrun. If you sell broken ships don’t expect to see your customers back, let alone to build a memorable brand. People appreciate authenticity and they invest on companies and people that are trustworthy. Treat others with honesty and respect and you will have more people willing to stay loyal to you and your business.

Please comment down below what other aspects are Key for a Leader, and if there is a Topic you would love to debate on the next upcoming article.

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