Strategies for Learning:

Utilize Critical Thinking when analyzing new information:“Tell a man you disagree with him, and he will turn away. Show them facts and figures and he will question your sources. Appeal to Logic and he will fail to see your point”. -Leon Festinger

This phenomenon is known as Cognitive Dissonance, when you encounter information or facts that contradict your current beliefs or ideas you will tend to undermine contrary ideas to restore mental consistency. This is an issue for Critical Thinking since allowing your own mind to limit what you can learn base on past or current beliefs will limit your possibilities; instead, dare yourself to be uncomfortable, examine your own beliefs and do not disregard opposing information based on opinions. Always use the same strong analytic approach you use to disprove a contrary argument on your own which will amplify your understanding of the big picture.

Create Strong Positive Associations:“Cells that fire together wire together” -Donald Hebb

When a baby hears footsteps coming up a staircase, the baby gets excited because his brain associates that sound with positive feelings of being pick up and hold. When you see an old friend that always make you laugh, your mood improves before he or she even says a word. When you’re an adult your brain is constantly reshaping those connections and when you learn something new, you do so by creating a new association; for example, if you are learning a new language you will associate new words to images or concepts that are related to it.

If you are struggling to understand a difficult concept or start a new habit, start by breaking it down and creating a positive association that is repeated constantly and simultaneously on a schedule. For instance, I have recently started a habit of walking in the mornings which has proof to be a challenge since not every day I have the right mood to go out on a walk; however, by associating walking with a minimal optimal goal ( 5 minutes on my worst day) and a specific time frame (first thing in the morning) and the motivational factor ( the feeling of progress towards the goal of improving my wellbeing) I have been able to keep it up and go on longer 15-20 minute walks. Each time you repeat a habit you are activating those associations, reinforcing that connection in you brain, making it easier for you or harder if is a bad habit. When you take on a new project the biggest risk is not advancing slowly but the propensity to give up when a goal is unreasonable, generic or undefined.

Make it Meaningful- “Learning is achieved when knowledge is revisited through active participation and reasoning to construct Meaning”. -Jerome Bruner

When you are a kid and they want to teach you about science, they take you to field trips and show you fun experiments and then you grow a little bit and learning becomes more boring, long and you start seeing dull textbook with complicated concepts; then they wonder why there are million of students dropping out of high school and college every year.

Learning can be challenging but fun at the same time, you don’t need to wait for a full educational system reform to develop your own learning system. We do not learn by a passive absorption of information; therefore, in some cases after reading 30 pages of material you could find yourself knowing nothing about what you are reading.

Identify key concepts on a material and get exposure to different learning methods, if you are a visual learner make a graph or read it out loud and record it if you are more auditive learner; make it simpler, more familiar and above all more memorable by studying with a goal and making the time you spend studying more meaningful. A great professor once told me that if I was not able to tell him out loud what I knew about the material I read, is because I had not mastered the content. This was difficult to understand but it is true, if you can’t tell someone with your own words what you know is because your knowledge is insufficient. There are many factors and resources involved on learning but all the responsibility and the consequences will rest upon you, your mind is powerful and able to keep on learning and accomplishing anything you set a goal for if you are aware that 15 minutes of intentional learning is way more worthy than two hours of apparent study while your mind wanders around what to get for lunch or other responsibilities.

Now that you know these three Learning Strategies which are Critical Thinking, Association Building and Constructing Meaning, take a break or better on take a nap!!!; then come back and review the strategies. Once more take a few hours to do something else and then test your Mind; –Are you able to remember what these three strategies are?

This is based on another tip coming from Bluma Zeigarnik (Russian Psychologist 1901-1988) that conducted numbers research that indicate that the interruption of a task, as impractical as it sounds, has proof to increase their chances of the task being remembered.

The Art of Leadership

Leadership is the Art of making a difference on oneself or the people we serve to create an impact or transformation. It is sad to see how many people leave their life consumed by fear and monotony instead of changing their own fate and make the best of their situation. The situation is never the problem, in a sense that no matter how difficult it is or how down in the bottom you are, not matter how many mistakes you make or the times you fail as long as you are persistent on keep going you will arrive to your destination. Life can be very surprising, and it might take you to a whole different path that is far from fair, or a path that you were not ready for; however, each one of those situations can make you stronger and it can help you to understand new things about the world and connect with more people that are struggling and will only listen to you because you were in their shoes. In many occasions I find myself in a job or idea that I thought at first was going to take me where I wanted to go; only to realize I would fail but by failing I was really winning on acquiring the knowledge and taking on new roads; there are not straight paths in life, you ought to do your best where you are at right now because you are there to learn a lesson that will help you to advance to your next challenge.

There is one undeniable truth about Leadership and is that it has the power to Influence; to lead yourself you will need to be an active influencer on the choices you make and to lead another you will also need to influence them by providing the support and tools their need to advance your team as a whole. There are three important Keys in Leadership that I will be sharing with you today:

  • Vision: There are a lot of people with Dreams but only the ones who are able to have a clear vision of the importance of that dream and the reason why it needs to be done are able to create a clear strategy to reach them. Focus on what you want to obtain, gather the preparation you need and be discipline on tracking your progress. The clearer you make your Vision the easy will be for other to understand it and follow you. Transformation doesn’t occur from night to morning, it take a series of consecutive actions in which each step takes you closer to a well-defined goal.
  • Communication: All business types are built in lines of communication. We communicate with the people who support us and the people who are collaborators in our work or use a talent with the end to communicate a message. When your Vision is not delivered in the right way it becomes useless. There are many businesses who had a vision statement; however the way they treat their customer, the quality of their products and services, the culture of their employees decline faster than the business rises. There are also many artist who have a great audience and are loved by so many; however, they act reckless to the point that the message they wanted to communicate gets lost into the regular entertainment standard drama of drug abuse, and shame. There is nothing wrong with being human and making mistakes, it is part of the process to deal with issues and as long as you paid attention to your bridges you can build a powerful team and a meaningful career by listening to your advisors, the people close to you and those who you are trying to influence to make sure you stay relevant.
  • Integrity: We all love shortcuts and there is no damage on working smart and finding more efficient ways to get where you want to be as long as you don’t build your enterprises on sand. Lack of Integrity will always get back to you, is one of the things you can’t outrun. If you sell broken ships don’t expect to see your customers back, let alone to build a memorable brand. People appreciate authenticity and they invest on companies and people that are trustworthy. Treat others with honesty and respect and you will have more people willing to stay loyal to you and your business.

Please comment down below what other aspects are Key for a Leader, and if there is a Topic you would love to debate on the next upcoming article.

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One day at the Time

People are born with unlimited capabilities for good and bad; they can be capable of creating new horizons, art and wonderful things; they can destroy bad cycles, stereotypes and limitations and remake themselves and the future generations to learnt from the past generation mistakes or repeat them. I believe that life is beautiful, even when life is hard there is beauty to be seen even if we refuse to look eventually beauty will found us, in the smile of the next friend we make or out there in the simplicity of nature. There are some places were life is a monster and death is the peaceful one, places where there is war or food insecurity, and despite our own problems we do live the life of other people’s dreams. There are a lot of shows about mental illness; these shows have the purpose to start the conversation since there are so many people suffering from anxiety and depression who had no received treatment. Depression if the death sentence to all life potential. It is quite the silent enemy, is a type of sadness and anger that eats you slowly inside.

Depression is not as visible as is pictured; even tho people deal with that condition in different ways is not always noticeable. The recovery is a process that takes day to day efforts, it starts by understanding that no matter how many dark days you go through you ought to make the best of this instance and then tomorrow will be better. It is important not to isolate yourself try to talk to your friends or family, you don’t need to talk about how you feel if you don’t want to, you can instead sit down to talk to come up with simple actions that can lead to improvement across all the important areas that affect your wellbeing like: physical, spiritual, emotional, your career, intellectual and social aspects. It is also important to be honest with yourself is alright to feel the way you do, and not one should tell you how to feel but at the same time you can’t allow yourself to remain in the same place for too long because life is about freedom and there are people out there who you could reach out and help and there is a journey that you need to continue even if is one step at the time. This is no professional advice and you should contact professional help if you or someone you know is suffering from Depression or other mental illness. I will also tell you about failure and the pressure of other people influence. Failure is the only road to be success because if you never make mistakes you will never truly learn or be able to understand others who might make that same mistake. There is no shame in failing as long as you can get back up again and keep trying until you make it. People are always going to tell you who you should be and what you should do because that is what they were told, that is what society always does, they divide people and label them; however you can be your own person, you can listen to the advices and critique but take only the things that are helpful to build your character and enjoy the freedom of living your life the best that you can, follow your passions and goals as far as you need to go.

Taking Action- GED Test

Every day more jobs are requiring a high school level equivalency even for entry level positions. In 2013 the Bureau of Statistics estimated that it will cost $15,230 dollars on their annual income to a worker who does not have a GED or High School Certification. The job market is constantly becoming more competitive and business and corporations are at high risk of bankruptcy and so millions of people of losing their jobs. The General Education Development Program (GED) is the equivalent of a high school graduate degree. I completed my GED in January 2015; it was a combined journey in which I had the support of amazing professors and by utilizing online resources. Some people like to question if is truly worthy having a GED Certification, and it is since it allowed me to be able to apply for more jobs and to go to College. I know that you might not want to go back to High School, that you have a job and a family and a million things in your head, but I am writing to let you know that is possible, you only need about thirty minutes a day that you can use to prepare even from the comfort of your own home. This is how you can do it:

  1. Create a Goal: If you are want to get your GED you need to set a time frame; go to the GED Testing Website and Register for the examination in five to six months depending on how much time you are able to dedicate to study.
  2. Develop a Strategy: Before you are able to advance in a direction, you must find out where you are at, your strengths and weakness. For that you can take a free practice test on the GED website or you can pay about 6 dollars for an official practice test on The more you get expose to this practice tests the more you can monitor your progress and understand how the Test Language works. Also you got to choose the times and place that you will dedicate for your study, and if you will go to an adult center or study fully online.( I am not affiliate to any of these websites- they are fully educational resources for you to use)
What are
the Test Subject
Social Studies
Information About the Test
Practice Tests
Online Sources  

3-Be Consistent: Keep in mind the Importance of obtaining your GED by being discipline in your study sections. Do not get discourage if you don’t pass the first time, you can retake as many sections of the test as you need. You will be able to get three attempts for each subject, and sixty days after you can retake the subject after the initial three attempts. The more you study and prepare yourself the fastest you can get your GED. You have a 76% to 95% chance of passing but zero% if you do not try. Be part of the 20 million people who graduated from their GED.

The Learning Reform

As technology progresses the further apart we distant from the traditional school methods. There is one part of us who loves the experiences and interactions of being on campus; however that is not ideal for busy professionals who needs to balance a job or a family. Online learning have open the doors of many University for millions of people; in fact according to WCET (Distance Education Enrollment) there has been an increase from 1.6 to 5.8 million people who are taking online classes (2002-2014) in about 12 years. It is difficult to measure how important is to have access to education. According to the Bureau of Statistics an increase of the level of education contributes to higher earnings.

Bureau of Statistics 2017 Biweekly Earnings Average
Bachelor Degree $1,173
Associate Degree $836
High School $712
Less than High School $500

              Having a Degree will definitely help on reaching your financial goals; however if going to College is just not for you, there are many great opportunities for self-starter entrepreneurs and artist who wants to venture in the Digital World or even learn new skills you never thought you would. Society is always trying to program us to do one thing, to be one thing but reality is that in order to survive we ought to be more than that. I will ask you a question, Mention three activities you do every day that you enjoy or need to do in a daily basis?-perhaps you are a video gamer, a graphic design artist and a musician, a mother of five or maybe you are a Sales Consultant, student and a pet owner like me. There are so many things we do and so many things we can learn, even having a Degree is not going to be good enough. In the next twenty five years according to a study published in Oxford University, there are going to be new jobs out there and some of our jobs (47 % of them) might become obsolete that is why is important to be open to learn new skills. The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the world and it has come a long way from its creation in 1969. There are so many free sites like YouTube, Google, online courses willing to give you new opportunities to start your next project. The main purpose of investing in learning something new is to maximize the value of your most precious asset that we spend every day on mindless tasks instead of following our passions, we must learn to appreciate Time.